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I’ve been thinking a lot about branding.  All of the articles I’ve read about selling on Etsy emphasize the importance of a cohesive brand and packaging.  So here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about in terms of what Poppy Fields Studio will look like.

Here’s my Branding Board:

My Style Board

Do I have too many colors?!?!  I can’t help it — they’re all so lovely.

First off, I have my lovely logo designed by Carine.  I’ve asked for her help to design a business card and Etsy graphics too.  Can’t wait to see how those turn out.


I have another vintage poppy image that I really like that will probably show up in the branding too.

The colors in the logo helped inspire the color palette for the brand.

I added in the lovely honeycomb background as another design element.  I’m planning to use that pattern on some little flags for enclosures I’m cooking up.  I got the honeycomb pattern from the amazing Pugly Pixel.  She’s got great things for bloggers in her shop (I have the Blog Bling Kit).

And then there has to be gold glitter because I love it so.  I found cute round glitter seals on Etsy.  I’ll use them on packaging.