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First Sale

I made my first official sale.  My friends Jamie and Jess wanted the Wizard of Oz journal for their sister for her birthday.  So on to the wrapping.  I found an image on Pinterest of a bag/envelope made from book pages and decided that would be a perfect way to use the book pages I took out of the journals to make them.  For the Wizard of Oz journal, I used the Wizard of Oz pages.

The first step is to sew together several sheets into long strips, then sew the strips together to make the “cloth.”  Fold the sheet in half and sew up the open side to make the bag.




I keep the red threads long to coordinate with the journal.



Journal goes in the bag.




Then, to sew up the bag, I used the Strawberry taffy ribbon I got from the Gilded Bee.  I punched 5 or 6 holes across the top and wove the ribbon through.





And there you go!