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Nested Testaments for Sandy

  My first commission!

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Dracula Altered Journal

A journal I made just for me.  I used a Penguin Classics edition of Dracula, took out the pages, and rebound it with blank pages.

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Mixed Media Sampler

Grid-style sampler inspired by Amy Powers.  

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Grandma’s Sampler

When my grandma passed away, I inherited her sewing box.  This grid-style sampler was made using things I found in it.

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Big Embroidery Work In Progress

Still working on this one.

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Zelda’s Birth Day Book

  Made from a vintage photo album for Ellen Lupton’s Indie Publishing book.  Photographs by Melissa Diekema Photography.

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Ellis’s Baby Book

I made this for my sister’s son Ellis.  I used a vintage book about baseball and turned it into a two-ring binder.  Orange is Ellis’s favorite color and he’s a huge baseball fan to this day.

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Altered Picture of Dorian Gray Blank Book

Here are the completed altered book journals I made for Kate’s auction to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. One is Alice in Wonderland and the other is The Picture of Dorian Gray. Finally finished!  

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Altered Alice in Wonderland Blank Book

The altered Alice book and the altered Dorian Gray are made from the Penguin Classics version of the stories.  I cut out the pages and rebound the cover with a blank pages to make a journal.  

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Dracula Pinboard

This pinboard was made by gluing pages of Dracula to a piece of homasote, then covering the whole thing with black lace.  I glued rhinestones to the ends of the pushpins with glue dots.

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Plant Tags

In the summer of 2008, we had an abundance of vegetable seedlings started and had to give some away.  I made these plant tags to go with each little potted plant.

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A Mother’s Day Book (2008)

A Mother’s Day gift for my mom and grandma.  Made from a children’s book of nursery rhymes.

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