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Category Archives: Memory

Grandma’s Sampler

When my grandma passed away, I inherited her sewing box.  This grid-style sampler was made using things I found in it.

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Zelda’s Birth Day Book

  Made from a vintage photo album for Ellen Lupton’s Indie Publishing book.  Photographs by Melissa Diekema Photography.

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Ellis’s Baby Book

I made this for my sister’s son Ellis.  I used a vintage book about baseball and turned it into a two-ring binder.  Orange is Ellis’s favorite color and he’s a huge baseball fan to this day.

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A Mother’s Day Book (2008)

A Mother’s Day gift for my mom and grandma.  Made from a children’s book of nursery rhymes.

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Aly’s Baby Book

A baby book I made for my sister and her sweet baby girl.  Made from a vintage book.

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